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Even if you don't work with us - remember this. 

While it is possible to go directly to a factory yourself, sorting through them, looking for one that meets safety and proper work environment requirements, supplies a quality product, and meets your needs in terms of services offered can be daunting.


Once you've found a factory, working with the designers while dealing with cultural and language barriers (virtually all factories are now overseas) can also be challenging.  If you are new to manufacturing the list of tasks involved in a project -- material selection, prototyping, tagging, packaging, testing, shipping, customs, and many other details-- can be overwhelming to say the least.


If you have been through it before, you may know the process, however costing & production regulations are constantly changing and keeping up can be time consuming and often problematic.

We have the knowledge and the relationships to take each project smoothly from start to finish.  We can offer you guidance, take care of the legwork, and handle any bumps throughout the process. 

Most importantly our experience will save you from many financial mistakes that you may encounter along the way.


Tel: 852-2735-1141