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Meet Angela Gardner the Managing Director and Founder of Castlespring Ent Ltd...


"Whether you found us on a Google search, a referral from a friend or co-worker or maybe you meant to type ProduceMyPopsicle.com - Either way welcome to Produce my Product and Castlespring Ent Ltd.


It's not everyday that someone wants to take the big step into production of a product even looking for a new manufacturer can be daunting for the most seasoned pro. 


I have been in the manufacturing business since 1968. As the daughter of a toy manufacturer, it was only natural that I work with him and for him. He was truly the best and he taught me everything I know. 


I have spent the last 50+ years entrenched in the manufacturing world. From establishing factories where none existed, working out the kinks of new factories in China, sleeping on the factory floor so I could be there to quality control and test in the morning. For years I have traveled to almost every country showing product. I have worked with inventors and designers making products, refining existing items, scrapping designs for a whole new look and much more. I am honest. Brutally honest. Why? Because I feel that I have an obligation to look out for you. To make sure you are not spending in places you should not be, to make sure your products are produced perfectly and to make sure the factory is living up to OUR standards not THEIRS.


I have walked and worked the floors of Nuremberg, Hong Kong and the Toy Building at 200 5th Ave which then moved to the 3 massive floors of Javits. I remember when the Hasbro showroom was where today, a Home Depot resides. 


There is not much I haven't seen in this business. I have had to change with the times and expand us from toy manufacturing to the manufacturing of several types of products all around the world!


We have worked with Forbes 100 companies to small startups that were born in the garage from the mind of a smart kid. I adore you Greyson MacClean!#brickstix


I have made it my life's work to create a company that can seamlessly manufacture any product. The average amount of years my employees has been with me is 25. We are truly a family run business.


Except my daughter, Samantha, who ran away and started a PR & Marketing firm, Media Maison. Looking for national media exposure for your product? packaging? Branding? email her... info@mediamaison.com. And do me a favor and tell her to call her mother back. 


We love what we do. We laugh while we do it. We hope you will trust us enough to come for a ride and join our family of clients.


Below are a list of items we manage for our clients and many more upon request.  

















Tel: 852-2735-1141

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Produce My Product is a subsidiary of Castlespring Ent Ltd

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